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Welcome to FlightAirMap

Display flights on map

Real or virtual flights are displayed in real-time on a 2D or 3D map. Airports are also available on map. Statistics for pilots and/or owners are generated.

Display vessels on map

Vessels are displayed in real-time on a 2D or 3D map.

Display trackers on map

Trackers are displayed in real-time on a 2D or 3D map. Track trucks, cars, smartphones,...

Display satellites on map

Satellites and space stations are displayed in real-time on a 2D or 3D map.

2D and 3D map

3D models for flights, vessels, car, trucks, satellites,... are available for 3D map.

Many map layers can be used : OpenStreetMap, Google Map, Bing, Yandex,...

Free & Open Source

FlightAirMap is available under GNU Lesser General Public License 3 (LGPL3).

Commercial license available.

Many sources can be used

Real flights using ADS-B (SBS, Dump1090, ModeSmixer, VRS,...) or virtual flights from IVAO, VATSIM, phpVMS,....

Vessels using NMEA AIS over TCP

Trackers using APRS or HidnSeek trackers

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FlightAirMap includes:

  • Statistics for airlines, aircrafts, airports,...
  • Schedules informations for real flights
  • ACARS messages support
  • Aircraft accidents and incidents
  • Archive of old flights, vessels or/and trackers (trucks, cars, smartphones,...)
  • METAR and NOTAM support
  • Many sources can be used : ADS-B, VRS, VATSIM, IVAO, phpVMS, Glidernet,AIS, APRS,...
  • 3D map using CesiumJS
  • Satellite tracking on 2D and 3D map
  • Several sources can be used at the same time
  • Map matching for trackers
  • Support MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL as DB
  • Multi-language support (english and french for now)

FlightAirMap is a free and Open Source PHP application displaying flights, vessels and/or trackers on a map from source of your choice.

Screenshot of flights over France


XCSoar TSK, 2.5D buildings on 2D map, offline support and map matching support 29.9.2017 12:16

XCSoar TSK files support.


2.5D buildings support on 2D map.


Offline support. No need to have Internet to use FlightAirMap.


Map matching for tracker mode, with own FlightAirMap Map Matching server or graphhopper, OSMR and Mapbox support.

Screenshot_20170928_123109.png Screenshot_20170928_123142.png

Syndicate RSS/Atom feeds in News page 29.8.2017 12:35

A News page is added in FlightAirMap to syndicate RSS/Atom feeds.


Airlines liveries support 8.8.2017 14:40

FlightAirMap can now display some airlines liveries on flight 3D model.

Screenshot_20170807_162933.png Screenshot_20170807_163526.png

Satellite in 2D and 3D mode with statistics 10.7.2017 18:38

FlightAirMap now have satellite mode like aircraft, marine and tracker. With launches statistics and owners countries.

Screenshot_20170705_171542.png Screenshot_20170705_171606.png Screenshot_20170705_171625.png Screenshot_20170710_105845.png

Weather and lightning 27.6.2017 08:08

Weather station from APRS firenet can now be displayed on map.


Lightning from APRS firenet server or blitzortung can also be displayed.